The history of the school dates back to the year 1896. The establishment of the school is connected with the development of industries in Nachod and its surrounding area, first and foremost the textile industry.

At first it was a private school to prepare students for official work both in the public authorities and private firms. The graduates worked as official workers. The students were offered special subjects where they were prepared to work as customs officers, to be employed at post offices, in public transportation and they learned typing skills. The school also offered classes for the girls and their graduates worked as civil servants.

The school has been a state institution since 1919. In 1926 the school had its own building which is the school premises to this day. The school went through hard times during World War II; its work was being reduced and in the end it was even closed down for some time but it was opened again as soon as the war was over.

The graduates from the school have always found jobs in economy and business. Many of them went on to study and to graduate from universities and colleges. The graduates also have been employed in high level positions in the country's economic spheres and finance up to date.