School Facilities

The School is well equipped in such a way as to enable students and staff to benefit from high quality education.

The equipment comprises:

  • 11 classrooms for general teaching
  • three computer rooms equipped with 15 PC's in each of the rooms. There are computers available in the staff rooms and in the school's offices. All of the computers are connected to the network Novell and the Internet is available to everyone at school. The computers are also used for typing lessons (the most up-to-date method is being used for teaching students how to type).
  • two typing rooms equipped with electronic typewriters
  • five language rooms
  • equipment for projecting slides and pictures
  • all of the classrooms are equipped with television sets
  • four video recorders are available in the school
  • cassette recorders are being used for language teaching
  • three copying machines are available also for students
  • sports equipment for students to use in their free time (fitness room and recreation area).
  • study room with reference library, it is possible to borrow newspapers and magazines and books from the school library.

The school's Information Center provides students and teachers with an information service. The school library comprises of about 5,000 books (fiction, poetry).

The special library consist of:
  • reference (general encyclopedias and special dictionaries - about 160 copies), and language dictionaries.
  • special literature (about 300 books, mostly on economy)
  • sets of special periodicals on economy, banking, management, taxation, accounting and bookkeeping
  • assorted sets of video cassettes