Graduate Profile

Graduates from the Business Academy receive a complete secondary education in both specialised and general. This education is necessary for different positions in different enterprises, such as business, finance, banking, tourism and other kinds of service industries as well as in government and public authorities .

Target knowledge and skills:

  • to become familiar with and to understand basic special words in the branch of economy, and to understand basic principles of the market economies
  • ability to work with all the information necessary for work in economy, to sort out different data and analyze them using the appropriate methods
  • thorough knowledge of single-entry and double-entry accounting
  • knowledge of all the functional possibilities of using computers and management technologies
  • The ability to use computers in an effective and efficient way.
  • The ability to apply selected mathematical advances in solving practical economic problems
  • knowledge of organization bodies and procedures used in business activities from the point of view of the economy
  • knowledge of the tax system, particularly income tax , VAT and consumer's tax
  • thorough familiarity with official paperwork and procedure complementing all areas of business activities including use of standard language format and the use of share of the art technology
  • good typing skills, including accuracy and recognized rules governing layout and type set of such paperwork.